Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sentimental trip?

Finally, after almost 9 months i have moved my butts!
ok ok. i know there were conventions and so.. but anyway i didnt have any real holidays at all!
so........because my damn van still has no winter tires, i had to ask my friend Mark to take our asses with him up to my hometown - Tarnobrzeg.
600 kilometers with stoned driver = trip out of fun ;]
However, we have reached our aim after about 8 hours and...we were still in ONE PIECE!
8 days full of parents (sometimes they let you feel you have more than two of them..) memories, home made food, stomaches totally filled up!
What can be better than that?

After that, we decided to visit Cracow. Few hours in bus and then...we could drink some hot chocolate, shop a bit, and after a night spent in Dominik's flat we hit Wroclaw, one of my favorite cities! ha! But we could not miss the opportunity to take a picture of damn dumb named street in Cracow! Who the hell called one of the judish district street - KUPA? (means POO). I love this guy! We want more surprises like that!

Another hours in damn boring trains....but we didnt need much time to find a way to enjoy it ;]

Then, we have found few damn small dwarves at the city center (yeahh, great idea to put them all over the center, many many extremely cute, 30 cm dwarves sculptures!).
Another day with my uncle family and we are back home again..

I will so my best to post something about last few days, which were really crazy!
We did some progress with Karol's chest piece, and i will explain You guys what being hardcore means!

so..........dear blog followers, i will try to use my primitive english skills and post something for you..
forgive me that and .. just enjoy!