Tuesday, April 28, 2009

last week?!

it was intensive time..
because i have moved most of my stuff to poland already, there is no desk at my flat now!
i have no possibility to sketch anything right now.. so here i post ya some letters i did!

and here fist session of my chest piece done by bjorn - loxodrom tattoo berlin!
i love it!

and something to make You guys happier haha!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

leaving berlin.

3 days left, my flat is empty.
time of changes.
time for own style, for quality.
for new studio BIG brand.
we are coming.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Final Countdown / Ostateczne Odliczanie.

7 days left. I have been workin here for 15 months already, and now i go back to Poland.
After 5-6? years of moving from one place to another, finally we are gonna open studio on polish seaside, in Sopot.

so so.. these days i mostly do the final touches, a lot of small corrections and so..
nothing really special.
nobody will give You bigger spot knowing that You leaving.
i have decided to post some drawing i did some months ago, which i really like and You can see in my "headshot".


Pozostalo juz tylko 7 dni. Pracuje tu juz 15 miesiecy, teraz wracam do Polski. Po 5-6? latach skakania z jednego miejsca na drugie, nareszcie otwieramy studio na polskim wybrzezu, w Sopocie.
wieeeec... ostatnio robie glownie kosmetyke i wykanczam/poprawiam starsze prace. Nic naprawde godnego uwagi.
Nikt nie podklada sie z wieksza powierzchnia wiedzac, ze wyjezdzam. ;]
Zdecydowalem zamiescic pewien rysunek ktory wykonalem jakies miesiac temu, ktory bardzo lubie, i ktory mozesz widziec jako moje zdjecie glowne.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

what a weeekk!

many many many crazy clients.
some pain, some fainting dudes haha!
a lot of blood, which we all like that much!

so here we are...
i work on some new pencil drawing for my friend niko.
i am gonna leave berlin after 15 months work as guest artist.

goodbye berlin? not really..
i will get one small tattoo on my ribs... niko will have ocassion to revenge!
after 6 days i will get my chest piece from bjoern, loxodrom tattoo.
because its bigger one, i will be back here for the rest! ;]

so what happened this week... i dont really remember..
so i post few pics i have just found.
some lettering... i do it every few days! and you know what? i definitely love it!
there was some small typo freehand as well.

And my crazy client Henrik - i dont really know why i call him Enzo Lorenzo..whatever, i love his stories hahaha!
i will always enjoy messing with this guy! hope to see him in poland!

does anybody said that pink is reserved for ladfies?!?!?! ;]
maybe i will not give you the highest quality tattoo..
but fun? FOR SURE!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

done at 3:30 am!

it was damn day, and please, forgive me, but its 4:2o am and i am still at shop.. so i will not type much ;]
just need to go home....to draw some 2 biomechanic stuff for tommorow! haha! till 7-8 am i guess ;]
wish me luck then!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

4 days off - that cant be true!

days off = work at home ;]
there are days i see damn sunlight like 2 minutes daily.
same now ;]
blinded windows drives me crazy, but who cares.
i work on draiwng for Niko, with some muppets in background, cuz he is muppet maniac ;]
anyway, because its not done yet, i have decided to post some machine sketch i drew last month.
its bulldog by soba (workhorse tattoo) which i damn like!

[prismacolor color pencils on black paper, machine app. 10x10 cm.]

i work with some biomechanic canvas, with oil paint, but have no idea how it works yet ;]

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The time is now ;]

After i saw Electric Pick blog, i have decided to start my own one.
Hope to find any followers and motivation as well ;]

Here we are.

Finally i have stole scaner from my buddy Zappa's flat and copy one of my last drawings.
However, got do damn idea how this machine works, so i had to spend definitely too much time with PS to adjust colors.
Anyway, there is still much less highlights than at original one.

I did this one for my workmate Niko, our comic style specialist ;]
We both have same graffiti roots, so i could put some letters on his arm.
The trick is, i have promissed to sketch his name ;]
Instead, You can see Niko's face with his best friend fever name hahaha.

[prismacolor color pencils, 50x18cm]