Sunday, April 19, 2009

what a weeekk!

many many many crazy clients.
some pain, some fainting dudes haha!
a lot of blood, which we all like that much!

so here we are...
i work on some new pencil drawing for my friend niko.
i am gonna leave berlin after 15 months work as guest artist.

goodbye berlin? not really..
i will get one small tattoo on my ribs... niko will have ocassion to revenge!
after 6 days i will get my chest piece from bjoern, loxodrom tattoo.
because its bigger one, i will be back here for the rest! ;]

so what happened this week... i dont really remember..
so i post few pics i have just found.
some lettering... i do it every few days! and you know what? i definitely love it!
there was some small typo freehand as well.

And my crazy client Henrik - i dont really know why i call him Enzo Lorenzo..whatever, i love his stories hahaha!
i will always enjoy messing with this guy! hope to see him in poland!

does anybody said that pink is reserved for ladfies?!?!?! ;]
maybe i will not give you the highest quality tattoo..
but fun? FOR SURE!

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