Sunday, April 12, 2009

4 days off - that cant be true!

days off = work at home ;]
there are days i see damn sunlight like 2 minutes daily.
same now ;]
blinded windows drives me crazy, but who cares.
i work on draiwng for Niko, with some muppets in background, cuz he is muppet maniac ;]
anyway, because its not done yet, i have decided to post some machine sketch i drew last month.
its bulldog by soba (workhorse tattoo) which i damn like!

[prismacolor color pencils on black paper, machine app. 10x10 cm.]

i work with some biomechanic canvas, with oil paint, but have no idea how it works yet ;]


  1. Fuck me, I thought it was a photograph before I clicked on it. Amazing work.