Saturday, April 11, 2009

The time is now ;]

After i saw Electric Pick blog, i have decided to start my own one.
Hope to find any followers and motivation as well ;]

Here we are.

Finally i have stole scaner from my buddy Zappa's flat and copy one of my last drawings.
However, got do damn idea how this machine works, so i had to spend definitely too much time with PS to adjust colors.
Anyway, there is still much less highlights than at original one.

I did this one for my workmate Niko, our comic style specialist ;]
We both have same graffiti roots, so i could put some letters on his arm.
The trick is, i have promissed to sketch his name ;]
Instead, You can see Niko's face with his best friend fever name hahaha.

[prismacolor color pencils, 50x18cm]

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