Monday, October 18, 2010

Body body bodysuits!

Welcome back!
So here w are for tonight..
I have spent few hours more with underwatr biomechanic piece of paper..
I got all lines ready, there are already first lines of goldfishes! :)

what's next?
we need to put some japanese landscape in upper left corner with some great pagoda in background!

I got still some letters to sketch, and some newschool chest piece ti design and then.... more hours to spend with this lovely piece!
You know guys whats funny?
I am gettin excited fot incoming london guestspot (where i will start my first "teethy" bio bodysuit), then i'll so high again cuz there's gonna be another suit to work with here, in Gdynia!

Anywhere i'll move => bodysuits!
Sound incredible to me!

Here are some letters ("Oliwia") i sketched for this thursday..
I lost my flow :(

And here is a reason why You, people, cannot to understand me some days!

Stay tuned!


  1. good job, but i can't write more ...
    good bye Sid , Welcome university of technology

    see you soon, sorry for my English

  2. awesooooooooome dude

    sorry for my london

  3. a ponoć tak lubiłeś costom'owe litery bo nie musiały być idealne? :D

  4. what about this newschool chest??

  5. no dawaj dawaj:> wszyscy ciekawi nie daj sie prosic

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