Friday, October 29, 2010

Home sweet home..

every day makes us closer to 4th attack on london..
so far, i almost lost my finger tip when i tried to fix glass using pliers.

Today im will be on my way to hometown, and after few days i plan to finish biomechanic bodysuit sketch and prepare my troops to "operation london".
new needles, new machine, more tests, more blood ;]

So for now, thats what we are standing at.

My mistak is that i use paper instead board ;/
it makes my work more complicated and a much longer..
next one im gonna start in proper way ;]

and 2 more pictures of last victim - thanks to Karol for nice shots ;]

Blog ya soon.


  1. ten koles wyglada jak bys go łaskotał.

  2. aa wogole zajebiscie wyglada projekt podoba mi sie kolorystyka biokubraczka;)

  3. koniec wolnego do pracy do pracy