Monday, October 25, 2010

Not much work to show..

and not much words to type...
i didnt do much recently.. just cuz i am pretty lazy bastard, thats why!

i finally received my piece of copper, so i could start my first handmade machine..
after 2 days of strugglin i can tell you only one thing: its not that easy!

(click pictures to enlarge..)

i need like one day more to finish it...
self made coils? why not!

i did some letters..
as i said last time - there is no more flow in my hand when i work with letters...
not much practic, not many clients askin for script.. thats the reason....

(click pictures to enlarge..)

and another chest i started..
newschool, that it is!
no more roses? no more standard solutions!

we didnt really finish these lines... but we still got time to do it!
Mr. D is gonna sacrifice arm for my biomechanic!
that makes me even more happy than workin with berries!

stay tuned!
london is commmming!


  1. wings, zodiac leo and aries, blueberries, heart chakra and egg timer - such a nutty mix, but it's totally freakin great!