Saturday, October 16, 2010

Underwater Bio Bodysuit: 1st steps..

So so.. i have decided to blog in international language..
Why? Because there is many people askin me for it!
Sorry for my english - by the way ;))

So... what we see down here?

Yup! Another bodysuit is comming!
I wont tell You guys whats goin on yet, but believe me or not - thats gonna be awesome!
Ok then, keep watchin me and i will give You more and more details sooooon!


  1. Yeah, now I understand. Biomechanik under water? Wanna see more.

  2. Still trying to find out, how to give comments here.
    Komentarz jako...?

  3. staram sie czegos tam doszukac, ale za duzo lini :D za maly widok :D